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Garbage Collection
The City contracts with Waste Management for residential and small business garbage collection services.  Businesses requiring a dumpster may contract with one of the City’s franchised commercial garbage haulers.

General Information

Residential trash pickup occurs once a week (see schedule/map above) and recycling pickup occurs every other week (see schedule/map above).

Each week up to three additional items are accepted curbside. The items may be up to 50 pounds each, provided the items are bagged, boxed, or bundled, and placed next to the trash can. Mattresses (twin or smaller) are also accepted, as well as small furniture up to 50 pounds. The following items are not accepted:
 construction debris.png  mattresses.png hazardous materials.png   
Construction Debris
and Lumber
Mattresses Larger Than Twin
Hazardous Material
or Medical Waste

Appliances (white goods) That Have
Not Had Refrigerants Removed by
Certified Technician (No Green Tag)
Furniture Heavier than 50 lbs    

The City regularly organizes free bulk collection events at its Public Works facility, 1502 Holland Rd., to help meet the needs of customers who need to dispose of items heavier than 50 pounds or items not able to be bagged, boxed, or bundled. There are four events scheduled in 2017:

o January 21
o April 1
o July 15
o October 21

Regardless of disposal method, all appliances with refrigerants must be green tagged (a green tag designates that refrigerants are removed).

Additional options for bulky waste:
• Take to the Temple Landfill at 706 Landfill Road. Note: a fee will be assessed and a safety vest is required. For more information, visit City of Temple's website.
• If item is in good condition, consider contacting a local charity organization.


    Holidays observed by the garbage crews include:
    • New Year's Day
    • Independence Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Day
    If a holiday falls on a weekday, garbage collections run one day late for the rest of the week.