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FD Birthday Party

Belton Fire Department
Fire Prevention Birthday Party Contract

To ensure a successful and safe event, the following rules and conditions must be followed. This program is designed for children 4 to 10 years old and is considered to be a fire prevention learning event.

Parties are only on Saturdays at Station 2, 420 Sparta Rd.
The party must begin sharply at 2 p.m. and end approximately at 3 p.m.

Parents’ responsibility:
1. Food/Birthday Cake and decorations
2. Management of children
a. Children should remain in groups and not allowed to roam into unsafe or unattended areas
b. Food and drinks should be limited to the kitchen, bays or outside areas
c. Drinks should be limited to box and straw type (no red drinks)
d. At the conclusion of the party, a parent or responsible adult should supervise and clean up all food and decorations 

Fire Department’s responsibility:
1. Meet and greet guests
2. Provide red Firefighter hats, if available, for up to 15 children in attendance
3. Provide a learning and fun fire prevention experience
4. Demonstrate Fire and EMS equipment
5. Assist placing child in driver’s seat of fire apparatus for photo opportunity

NOTE: Firefighters are assigned to respond to emergency calls at any time. In the event the Fire/EMS apparatus and firefighters leave, the parent or responsible adult should continue the party in the kitchen area and, please, clean-up prior to leaving the station.

Parent/Responsible Individual Name:
Desired Party Date:

Name and Age of Child:

Number of Attendees:

Station 2
420 Sparta Rd. 
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