Annexation Questions & Answers

Annexation Questions & Answers

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Annexation Questions & Answers

1. Why is my property under consideration for annexation?

2. What City services will be extended to annexed areas?

3. What are the rates for municipal services?

4. What is the City's tax rate?

5. Will being in the City limits affect my property value? Will properties be reappraised?

6. My property is currently classified as Agricultural, Timber Harvest, or Wildlife Management for appraisal purposes per the Tax Appraisal District of Bell County. Will I lose this classification because of annexation?

7. Will taxes be applied at 100% of the City tax rate, in addition to the Bell County rate, and applicable School District tax rate?

8. Does the City have an over 65 and/or disabled tax exemption?

9. Will my School District boundary change if my property is annexed?

10. Can I still burn trash/debris/brush if my property is annexed?

11. Can I retain my existing trash hauling contract?

12. Can I discharge fireworks in the city limits?

13. Can I hunt, shoot guns, shotguns and rifles, and protect my property from dangerous animals, if my property is annexed?

14. Is the City required to extend full municipal services to my property if  annexed?

15. If utilities – water and sewer, for example – are extended, will I be required to tie on to them?

16. Should I be concerned about the exercise of the power of eminent domain by the City?

17. Will the cost for my homeowner's or business fire insurance be less inside the City limits?

18. Can I continue running livestock and operating a livestock business on my property if annexed?

19. Can I continue the full range of agricultural uses on my property, including crop spraying?

20. Will my existing land use be grandfathered if my property is annexed?

21. How will the City's Code Enforcement standards be applied on newly annexed property?

22. The City has many ordinances – is it possible to get copies of those and a list of services provided by the City?

23. Do I need a building permit to build on my property or to make repairs to existing structures?

24. Would annexation affect existing easements along public roads?

25. Does annexation affect deed restrictions?

26. Would annexation affect common area ownership? Would private areas remain private after annexation?

27. Helpful Phone Numbers

28. If my property is annexed, on what date would the annexation become effective?

29. Where can I find out more about annexation and the state law governing annexation?