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Belton has several neighborhoods with historically and culturally significant structures, many dating back to the late 1800s. These buildings provide historic character and ambiance to the City. In an effort to preserve and protect the integrity of these structures, the Belton City Council has approved an Historic Preservation Ordinance and designated five historic districts: South Main Historic District, Lower West Belton Historic District, Downtown Commercial Historic District, Central Belton Historic District, and North Central Belton Historic District. 
                                                     Picture of Cochran Blair and Potts

The intent of the Historic Preservation Ordinance is to protect and enhance Belton's attractiveness to visitors. It provides guidelines for orderly and efficient growth and development and encourages appropriate use of historic properties within the City.

Historic Preservation Commission
The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is a citizen commission appointed by the City Council to preserve, protect and promote the City of Belton's historic resources through public education, community partnerships and heritage tourism. The Historic Preservation Commission's responsibilities include: 

The HPC meets at 5 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month in the Wright Room at the Harris Community Center.

Chairperson TC Lipe  •  Tammie Baggerly  •   Ann Carpenter  •  Barrett Covington  •  Ann West

Tour Historic Belton
Check out our walking tour and driving tour brochure and explore Historic Belton, Texas.
Pick up a brochure at City Hall, 333 Water Street in Downtown Belton or at the Bell County Museum, 201 North Main Street. 

Use your phone and follow along with our app: 


Belton's Historic Tax Exemption Program gives a tax break to historically significant properties that complete major rehabilitation or restoration.
Learn more about the Historic Tax Exemption Program.  Apply for Belton's Historic Tax Exemption program using this application.

The Facade Improvement Grant Program (FIG) was created in 2006 as a single payment reimbursement to property owners per building/business, and in some situations, tenants. Facade grants are available on a 50/50 matching basis with a cap of $10,000 per façade adjacent to a public street or alley, with a maximum two facades eligible for a grant. A downtown building with two street facing facades is eligible for a maximum grant of $20,000. Facade Grant funds focus on exterior work (visible to the traveling public) on storefronts, commercial buildings, and commercial residential buildings in the Downtown Development District. 
Find more information in this packet. Picture of downtown Belton on Central Avenue


HPC Agenda and Minutes
taking-notesSee the table below to access recent agendas and minutes for Historic Preservation Commission meetings.

The agendas and minutes for the Planning & Zoning CommissionZoning Board of Adjustment and Belton City Council are located on their respective pages.

The agendas and minutes from all other boards are located on the Other Agendas and Minutes page.

 Date  Agenda  Minutes  Audio
March 18
Agenda Minutes  Audio
Feb. 4
Agenda Minutes  Audio
 Dec. 3
Agenda  Minutes  Audio
 Oct. 8 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
 Sept. 10  Agenda  Minutes  Audio
 August - No Meeting  --  --  --
 July 9  Agenda  Minutes   Audio
 June 11  Agenda  Minutes   Audio
 May 14  Agenda  Minutes   Audio
 April 2  Agenda  Minutes   Audio
 March 5  Agenda  Minutes    Audio
 February -- No Meeting  --  --  --
 Jan. 9  Agenda  Minutes   Audio
 Dec. 12                   Agenda  Minutes  Audio
 November -- No Meeting  --  --  --
 October -- No Meeting                            --  --  --
 Sept. 12                   Agenda  Minutes  --
 Aug. 8  Agenda  Minutes  --
 July 11  Agenda  Minutes  --
 June 13  Agenda  Minutes  --
 May 16  Agenda  Minutes  --
 April 11  Agenda  Minutes  --
 March -- No Meeting  --  --  --
 Feb. 28  Agenda  Minutes  -- 
 Feb. 7  Agenda  Minutes  -- 
 Jan. 10  Agenda  Minutes  --
 2018      --
 December -- No Meeting  --  --  --
 Nov. 15  Agenda  Minutes  --
 October -- No Meeting  --  --  --
 Sept. 20  Agenda  Minutes  --
 Sept. 13  Agenda  Minutes  --
 Aug. 9  Agenda  Minutes   --
 July 19  Agenda  Minutes   --
 June 7  Agenda   Minutes   --
 May 10  Agenda   Minutes   --
 April -- No Meeting  --  --  --
 March -- No Meeting  --  --  --
 Feb. 15  Agenda   Minutes   --
 Jan. -- No Meeting  --  --  --
 Dec. 14  Agenda  Minutes   --
 Nov. 16  Agenda   Minutes  --
 Oct. 19  Agenda  Minutes  --
 Sept. 14  Agenda   Minutes  --
 Aug. -- No Meeting  --
 --  --
 July 13  Agenda  Minutes  --
 June 22  Agenda  Minutes  --
 May 11  Agenda  Minutes  --
 April -- No Meeting  --  --  --
 March -- No Meeting  --
 --  --
 Feb. 2   Agenda  Minutes  
 Jan. -- No Meeting  --
 --  --
 Dec. 8  Agenda  Minutes  --
 Nov. -- No Meeting  --
 --  --
 Oct. -- No Meeting  --
 --  --
 Sept. 22  Agenda  Minutes  --
 Aug. 11  Agenda  Minutes  --
 July -- No Meeting  --
 --  --
 June 9  Agenda  Minutes  --
 May -- No Meeting  --
 --  --
 April 20  Agenda  Minutes  --
 March 10  Agenda  Minutes  --
 Feb. 11  Agenda  Minutes  --
 Jan. 14  Agenda  Minutes  --


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