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School Resource Officers in front of the Belton Police Department on the first day of school.Operations 

Patrol officer at a child's lemonade stand in Belton.Patrol is the main function of the Operations Division, and the workhorse of BPD.  A sergeant supervises officers assigned to each team. Patrol is typically the first line of contact the public has with the police department. Officers perform their duties utilizing cars, bicycles, utility vehicles, and foot patrol. 
Patrol provides 24-hour response to calls for police service, conducts preventive patrols, enforces traffic laws, conducts preliminary investigations into criminal activity, arrests criminal offenders, and seeks proactive interactions with citizens and groups.

School Resource Officer
The School Resource Officer (SRO) Unit is a partnership between BPD and Belton Independent School District (BISD).  Four BPD officers are assigned to the 11 BISD campuses in the City of Belton.  The goal of the SRO program is to promote a safe learning environment and deter distractions that jeopardize school safety.  This is accomplished proactive interaction with faculty and students, quick response to disruptions, investigation of criminal activity on campuses, and presentation of prevention programs. 

Reserve Police Officers
The Reserve Program is comprised of men and women who aspire to be police officers. They must meet the same qualifications of an entry-level officer and have either a reserve license or regular license from the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Standards and Education. They are fully commissioned with the same authority of a police officer, while on duty. They are required to work 16 hours per month, attend training and maintain proficiency in firearms, defensive tactics and patrol procedures. They work by assignment with regular officers and are frequently used as patrol officers, supplementing shift shortages.

Special Operations Unit
Four patrol officers delivering a fan to a resident.The goal of the Special Operations Unit (SOU) is to enhance police operations through proactive strategies to reduce crime, improve traffic safety, supplement patrol, and visibly illustrate the department’s commitment to Community Policing. This is accomplished with the following strategies:

  • Proactive team response to crime trends.
  • Accident reduction through proactive traffic enforcement and education.
  • Deter crime by high visibility of marked police patrol.
  • Crime prevention by actively promoting crime prevention programs.
  • Provide additional resources to patrol operations by adding additional officers during peak hours.
  • A dedicated team that can represent the department at community events, recruitment opportunities, and promote the Community Policing philosophy of the department both internally and externally.
SOU is part of the Patrol Division and staffed with a supervisor, patrol officer, and the School Resource Officers when school is out.

Support Services
Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations Unit in an office at the police department.The Criminal Investigations Division is staffed with four detectives, one detective sergeant, and a crime scene technician.  Detectives are responsible for the solution of criminal offenses that occur in the City of Belton.

Code Compliance
The Code Compliance Unit handles animal calls and code enforcement for the City of Belton.  Two full-time staff members, who are cross-trained in these specialties, form the Code Compliance Unit.

Bell County Animal Shelter 

Provides record processing and retrieval services to Law Enforcement personnel and the citizens of the community in a courteous, efficient and timely manner.

Communications Specialist
These are the people who answer phone calls, greet walk-in customers, and perform and a variety of record Support Services employees in an office area of the police department.keeping tasks. They are present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are the first to greet you, either by phone or walk-in.