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Non-residential/commercial FAQs
Non-residential Brush Collection
When is brush collected? 

Non-residential properties have a couple of options when it comes to brush collection. They can have it removed by a landscaping company or request a City pick-up at a cost of $50 fee 6 cubic yards, or part thereof. Find your collection day on this map.

Where should I place brush for a pick-up?
Place brush within three feet of the curb, pavement or sidewalk, and six feet away from objects like water meters, mailboxes, etc. Do not place brush under low hanging wires. If you have a question about where to place brush, please contact us for assistance at 254-933-5823 or

When should brush be out at the curb or street? 
To ensure pick up, place brush at the curb, street or sidewalk no later than 7 a.m. on the scheduled collection day. Find your collection day on this map

Why are limbs and stumps limited to 15-feet long and 6-inches in diameter?
Collected brush is taken to the Temple-Belton Wastewater Treatment Plant where it is sent through a chipper to be turned into mulch and compost. The chipper cannot handle limbs larger than 15-feet long and 6-inches in diameter. For more information on how to purchase mulch or compost, please visit the City’s website at:

How do I dispose of trash and bulk items?
If possible, trash and bulk should be disposed of in garbage. The City’s regular bulk collection events are only for residential customers. Bulk items may be disposed of at the Temple landfill at 706 Landfill Road.