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Residential FAQs
Residential Brush Collection
When is brush collected? 
The City collects residential brush on a weekly basis. Find your pick-up day on this map
Non-residential properties may use a private contractor to remove brush, or request a City pick-up at a cost of $50 per 6 cubic yards, or part thereof. 
How much brush can I put out for weekly collection?
The City collects up to 6 cubic yards (CY) per week per address. Anything over 6 CY in a single week will be still be picked-up, but a $50 fee will be charged to your garbage or water bill for each additional 6 CY, or part thereof. 
How much is 6 cubic yards?
Six cubic yards is a brush pile that is about 12-feet long, 4-feet wide and 4-feet tall, or about the size of a full-size truck bed. 
Where should I place brush for a pick-up?
Place brush within three feet of the curb, pavement or sidewalk, and six feet away from objects like water meters, mailboxes, etc. Do not place brush under low hanging wires. If you have a question about where to place your brush, please contact us for assistance at 254-933-5823 or
When should brush be out at the curb or street? 
To ensure pick up place brush at the curb, street or sidewalk no later than 7 a.m. on the scheduled collection day. 
What if my brush was not picked up on my scheduled collection day?
We do not pick up brush that is mixed with trash or other bulk items. To ensure collection on the next scheduled day remove trash or bulk items. Occasionally, the brush truck is not able to make it to an address on the scheduled collection day. If your brush is not picked up after two weeks, please contact us. 
Can I request a special pick-up for another day of the week?
Yes. However, for special collections a $50 fee per load is assessed. Special pick-ups are only done when requested by the property owner in writing or by phone at the contact information on this FAQ sheet. 
What if a professional tree trimmer comes to my home?
If possible, residents are encouraged to negotiate to have the tree trimmer remove and dispose of the limbs, brush and trunks. The brush may be placed for City pick-up, but is subject to a $50 fee for each 6 CY above the weekly limit. 
Why are limbs and stumps limited to 15-feet long and 6-inches in diameter?
Collected brush is taken to the Temple-Belton Wastewater Treatment Plant where it is sent through a chipper to be turned into mulch and compost. The chipper cannot handle limbs larger than 15-feet long and 6-inches in diameter. For more information on how to purchase mulch or compost, please visit the City’s website at:
What if there is a storm that leaves broken limbs and brush in my yard?
Significant storm events have the potential to disrupt the brush collection schedule. If such an event occurs the Director of Public Works can declare that it warrants waiving fees for excess brush. When such a declaration is made, the Public Works Department collects storm related brush at no additional cost to residents. When the collection of the debris from the event is completed, the regular brush collection schedule, and fees, will resume. 
Why do I have an extra $50 charge on my garbage or water bill?
The brush collected from your property was greater than the allotted 6 cubic yards. The fee for excess brush is $50 per load up above the initial 6 CY that is covered by the monthly brush fee. 
Who do I contact with questions or concerns about brush or bulk collection and fees?
Please contact the Public Works Department at (254) 933-5823 on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., or email questions to at any time. 
How do I dispose of bags of leaves or grass clippings?
Mulched leaves and grass clippings make a great natural fertilizer for lawns, but these items may be disposed of the garbage containers, if capacity is available.
How do I dispose of trash and bulk items?
Each week, up to three additional items are accepted with the weekly trash collection, provided the items are bagged, boxed, or bundled and placed next to the trash can. Small furniture weighing less than 50 pounds and twin mattresses are also accepted with the weekly trash collection. Bulk items can be disposed of at the bimonthly bulk collection events at the Public Works facility, 1502 Holland Road, or at the Temple landfill, 706 Landfill Rd., for a fee. 
What if I have construction debris from remodeling my home?
Make sure that contractors are aware that they are responsible for the removal and proper disposal of construction debris. If you are doing repairs yourself, note that the City’s bulk collection event accepts only a small amount of materials. 
What if I replace a fence on my property? How do I dispose of the old fence material? 
Take old fence material to the Temple landfill, 706 Landfill Rd. For more information, visit