Ethics/Conflict of Interest

Ethics/Conflict of Interest

The conduct of Belton public officials is governed by the City Charter, Code of Ordinances and state law. Members of the City Council and members of all other boards and commissions, appointed or confirmed by the City Council, must be knowledgeable of the City Charter, Code of Ordinances and state law regarding ethics when participating in and making decisions while serving on a board or commission. The City of Belton has adopted an Ethics Ordinance which is reviewed annually by a Council-appointed Ethics Commission.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure
Chapter 176 of the Texas Local Government Code requires a local government officer to file a conflicts disclosure statement disclosing any business relationship with the City if they receive taxable income or gifts from any person or business that contracts with, or is considering doing business with, the City.

Local government officers for the City of Belton are:
  • Mayor
  • Councilmembers
  • City Manager
  • Director of Finance
The City Clerk processes all Conflict of Interest forms in accordance with the requirements of the Texas Ethics Commission.

Conflict of Interest Questionnaires
Section 176 of the Texas Local Government Code requires persons or entities that contract or seek to contract with the City for the sale or purchase of property, goods, or services to file a conflict of interest questionnaire disclosing affiliations or relationships that may cause a conflict of interest with the City.

Please refer to Chapter 176 of the Local Government Code for additional information regarding these requirements.  The Conflict of Interest Questionnaire is available on the Texas Ethics Commission website.

Questions regarding conflict of interest questionnaires should be directed to the City Clerk at email, or 254-933-5817.