Municipal Court

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A person has 10 working days from the date of the citation to contact the Court, either by mail or by appearing at Belton Municipal Court. 

A phone call may not be used as a substitute for an appearance.

Failure to Appear
A warrant will be issued and an additional $307 charge will be assessed against those that fail to respond to the charge(s) by the appearance date shown on the citation. 

Renewal of driver's license may be denied by the State of Texas for those who fail to appear for any offense or fail to satisfy judgments as ordered by the Court, .

Citation Dismissal
The following citations may be dismissed by paying a $10 fee and providing proof of correcting the deficiency:
  • Expired Drivers License
  • Expired Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Expired Motor Vehicle Inspection (if over 60 days expired, a $20.00 fee applies)
  • Defective Equipment

A No Proof of Insurance (Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility) citation may be dismissed if a driver can provide proof of insurance from an insurance company for the date of the violation.