Small Business Grant

Belton Small Business Grant

This page provides information about the Belton Small Business Grant program, which intends to distribute $850,000 in American Recovery Plan proceeds to Belton small businesses financially impacted by COVID-19.

An application for small businesses is available online.

To be eligible for consideration, a business must complete an application and return it before 5 p.m., June 3.

A Frequently Asked Questions document has been created to assist potential applicants through the process.

The eligibility requirements include:
1. Must be a Belton small business currently in operation;
2. Must have fewer than 100 employees;
3. Must have a physical location in Belton city limits;
4. Must demonstrate a negative impact from COVID-19;
5. Maximum one-time assistance is $20,000, with a minimum of $5,000; and
6. Assistance is available for any business, including ones which received other relief

Eligible expenses include capital expenditures such as building renovations, kitchen equipment, office furniture, and equipment, environmental remediation, facade improvements, and sanitary enhancements. Salaries and operating expenses are ineligible.

The Central Texas Council of Governments (CTCOG) is assisting with the administration of the grant, including batching applications for review and recommendation by a City of Belton panel comprised of Mayor, two Councilmembers,
and two management staff members. Recommendations will be developed and submitted to the entire Council for final consideration.

Applications period is May 11-June 3, 2022. Please submit completed applications by email to

Funds must be spent by December 29, 2023.