Installation of Automatic Water Meters set to Begin

Installation of Automatic Water Meters set to Begin
October 13, 2015

The process to replace or retrofit approximately 6,200 water meters in the City of Belton with automatic meter reading technology will begin in earnest the week of Oct. 19. Meter installation will commence in North Belton. It is expected to take approximately eight months to switch out or retrofit all the meters.

The company that is contracted to do the work is named Pedal Valves, and has extensive experience with large scale meter replacement projects. Workers will be driving vehicles and wear uniforms that are easily identifiable.

As part of the process, technicians will photograph and record readings of each removed meter. The installation process is expected to take 15-30 minutes for each address. City technicians will inspect each installation to ensure a quality install.

The new system will transmit meter readings to radio receivers strategically placed on towers around the city. Part of the City’s water conservation program, replacing old water meters helps the City accurately track individual usage for billing purposes. In addition, it is a tool to help more accurately monitor and evaluate community water demands. Only City of Belton water customers will receive new meters. City of Belton residents who receive water from Dog Ridge Water Supply Corporation or 439 Water Supply Corporation will not be impacted.

The benefits of the new system include: 
• Enhanced water conservation, decreased water loss 
• Ability to detect leaks in home plumbing system 
• Improved efficiency of meter reading and water billing 
• Eliminates need for estimated bills 
• Saves time 
• Reduces chance for human error 
• Minimizes need for personnel to go on private property