City Council Seeks Input on Charter Update

City Council Seeks Input on Charter Update
June 11, 2015

The Belton City Council is seeking public input regarding the City Charter, which was adopted in May 2005, and includes a provision stipulating that the Charter be reviewed by a committee at least once every 10 years. At its meeting on June 9, the Council took on the responsibility to serve as the initial review committee, reserving the option of designating a citizens committee, if warranted.

The Charter is a city’s legal framework, establishing form of government, authority, major departments, and outlining other general provisions. Major changes in Belton's 2005 Charter review process resulted in direct election of the Mayor, establishment of an Ethics Commission, reorganization and simplification of the Charter, and reliance on State law changes over time to reduce the need to amend the Charter.

The 2005 Charter has served Belton well, with few identified issues needing attention. During the review period, if issues emerge that rise to the level of potential Charter amendments, a November election would be scheduled to present to voters. Potential amendments must be determined by August 24, 2015 for the City to schedule a November 3, 2015 general election ballot proposition.

The Charter (see link below) consists of the following 13 Articles:
1. Incorporation, Form of Government and Powers
2. Boundaries
3. City Council
4. Authority and Limitations of City Council
5. Elections
6. Initiative, Referendum and Recall
7. Administrative Services
8. Finance
9. Revenue and Taxation
10. Planning and Development
11. Public Utilities, Franchises and Contract
12. Ethics and Conflicts
13. General Provisions

Belton residents are invited to provide input on the Charter until July 9. Please send responses to Public Information Officer Paul Romer,, City Manager Sam Listi,, or any member of the Belton City Council:

-- Mayor Marion Grayson,
-- Mayor Pro Tem David K. Leigh,
-- Councilmember Craig Pearson,
-- Councilmember Dan Kirkley,
-- Councilmember Guy O'Banion,
-- Councilmember Jerri Gauntt,
-- Councilmember Paul Sanderford,


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