Water Tower Demolition Scheduled for Next Week

Water Tower Demolition Scheduled for Next Week
May 02, 2015

The City of Belton is scheduled to have its old S. Davis Street Water Tank demolished on Thursday, May 7, 2015. The work is set to begin at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, pending weather conditions. It is anticipated it will take Hunter Demolition, an experienced water tower removal company, up to four days to disassemble and remove the tower.

The 110-foot tank will be dropped at the location on Thursday. All appropriate safety measures will be taken, including, as a precaution, temporarily closing streets around the site on Thursday. Please avoid travel in the area during this time.

The 150,000 gallon tank, built in 1979, is located on a full city block on Davis Street, between W. Avenue I and W. Avenue J. The tank was taken out of service several years ago and has not been used since. It is being removed to improve neighborhood aesthetics and because its deterioration could become a future safety concern. The demolition was budgeted for Fiscal 2015 and will cost $13,500.

Residents in the vicinity of the tower were notified about the pending removal on Friday, May 1. The land where the water tower is located is owned by the City of Belton. There are no specific or immediate plans for the use of the land after the tower is removed.