Fuel Spill from Main Street Gas Station Contained

Fuel Spill from Main Street Gas Station Contained
March 23, 2015

BELTON -- City of Belton emergency responders helped contain a fuel spill early Monday morning at the Major Brand gas station on the corner of Main Street and 6th Avenue.

The spill, estimated to be about 75 gallons, occurred at about 3:40 a.m. as storage tanks at the station were being filled. The fuel flowed southward into a nearby storm drain, where it was contained before it could travel further into the drainage system.

The Belton Fire Department used an absorbent material to remove fuel from the pavement and gutter, and TAS Environmental cleaned the storm drain.

The spill had minimal impact on traffic. The northbound right-hand turn lane from Main Street to 6th Avenue was closed during morning commute hours to allow workers to clean the storm drain.