Three Events Authorized to Exceed Outdoor Gathering Threshold

Three Events Authorized to Exceed Outdoor Gathering Threshold
July 01, 2020

Mayor Marion Grayson has authorized three concert events this week at Schoepf’s BBQ to each exceed the 100-person attendance threshold for outdoor gatherings, in accordance to Gov. Greg Abbott’s Executive Order No. GA-28.

 “The Fourth of July Parade and this concert series are distinctly different events that draw different age groups,” Grayson said. “This authorization is a way to support a small business and give people who want to celebrate a venue where that can happen.”

 On June 5, Mayor Grayson canceled Belton’s annual parade, organized by the Belton Area Chamber of Commerce, in part out of concern for the type of crowd it generally attracts: generations of family members, including many over age 65.

 “People have a personal responsibility to follow recommendations from health authorities,” Grayson said. “Those who are not comfortable attending, should not do so.”

 The applicant has assured Mayor Grayson that measures will be taken to support state and local health recommendations for the pandemic.

 Local and state health authorities have recommended that during the pandemic people should temporarily:

  • stay home when possible
  • practice social distancing
  • wear face coverings when social distancing is not possible
  • frequently wash hands.