City Initiates Stage 5 Drought Conditions

City Initiates Stage 5 Drought Conditions

The City of Belton is initiating Stage 5 Drought Conditions, which indicates an emergency water shortage and calls for a 40-percent reduction in water consumption citywide. This is necessary to preserve essential domestic services, including firefighting.

The City is unable to replenish the water supply in its water towers at this time. The water supply is being impacted by extremely high demand due to private property leaks. Without conservation efforts, a citywide boil order may be necessary and there could be temporary water shortages.

"I am urging all Beltonians to work together to address our current water situation.  The freezing weather and power outages have seriously depleted our ability to deliver water to our citizens," Mayor Wayne Carpenter said. "We are entering a Stage 5 Emergency situation and water usage should be limited to essential needs. If you discover a water leak at your home or business, please call 254-933-5823 immediately to report the problem. Lets all do our part so that we can return to normal operations as soon as possible. Thank you!"

Here is how residents can help:

  • If a water leak is detected in your home turn the water off immediately. If you need assistance, call us anytime, day or night, at 254-933-5823.
  • Limit water usage. Do not wash vehicles.
  • Stop dripping faucets.
  • Do not store water in bathtubs.
  • Avoid running dishwashers and washing machines.
  • Make sure irrigation systems are off, until restrictions are lifted.
  • Take showers instead of baths.

The City is also coordinating with large water users to help reduce consumption levels, and has additional staff available over the next week to assist responding to the potential needs of residents in a timely manner.