Short-term Rental

Short-term Rentals

All short-term rentals are required to obtain a permit to operate in the City of Belton.  

An ordinance regulating short-term rental (STR) housing in Belton was adopted on March 13, 2023.  All current short-term rentals have 90-days to comply with the new ordinance and apply for a short-term rental permit.  Short-term rental permits are valid for 1 year from the date of issuance.  The property owner is responsible for the renewal of the STR Permit. The owner may login to the permit account and submit and updated a permit application within 30 days of the expiration date of the permit.

  • Short-Term Rental Permit Fee - $50
  • Short-Term Rental Permit Renewal Fee - $50

A processing fee is applied to payments made with a credit card.  Payments made by cash or a check are not assessed a fee.  

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Short-term Rental Permit Application 
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Short-term Rental Map

Short-Term Rental Permits FAQ's
  • I have a non-owner occupied STR and must be 500-feet away from another STR. What happens if my permit expires and another STR is approved within the 500-foot radius?
    • Since STRs are approved on a first come first serve basis, you would not be permitted to continue to operate your STR. STR owners should remain aware of when a permit expires and renew it on time.
  • As a Short-term Rental owner, what must I provide onsite?   
    • Owners must provide an informational brochure to guests that includes pertinent neighborhood information, how to contact the operator, and local emergency numbers such as 911.
  • Do I have to collect and remit the local Hotel Occupancy Tax?   
    • Yes, owners are required to collect and remit hotel occupancy tax from guests.  The local city hotel occupancy rate is 7%. The state rate is 6%.  
  • Does the STR need an inspection as part of the permit application or renewal? 
    • No, however, the STR must be maintained in accordance with applicable city codes.
  • Do I need a separate permit to make improvements to my STR? 
    • Yes, the City of Belton requires permits anytime changes are made to a building. This may involve a building permit, electrical permit, mechanical permit, plumbing permit, or all the above. Contact the Belton Planning Department at 254-933-5812 to discuss the project and learn which permits are needed.
  • Who can I call to ask questions about the STR permit process? 
    • For questions about the STR permit process contact the Belton Planning Department at 254-933-5812.
  • I have multiple STRs, do I need a permit for each location? 
    • Yes, separate applications are required for each STR address.  
Basic Ordinance Information
        All Owners 
  • Permits are not transferrable with ownership changes.  New owners must submit a new short-term rental permit application.   
  • Separate permits must be submitted for each short-term rental location. 
  • Permits are valid for 12 months from issuance date. 
  • The owner has a duty to notify the City in writing within 30 calendar days of any changes to information submitted in the short-term rental permit application. 
  • Each short-term rental is issued a unique permit number. This number must be included in any advertisements for the short-term rental including internet booking sites.
  • If owners fail to remit Hotel Occupancy Taxes, the permit will be immediately revoked. Hotel Occupancy taxes are due quarterly.  
        Non-Owner Occupied Short-term Rental Stipulations 
  • A non-owner occupied short-term rental property that does not exist prior to the effective date of the ordinance, shall not be located within 500 feet of another short-term rental property. 
  • To be considered as an existing short-term rental owner you must provide a sworn affidavit and demonstrate to the satisfaction of the City Manager or their designee that the short-term rental was being used as a short-term rental on a continuous basis for the twelve months preceding the effective date of the ordinance.  

Current Short-Term Rental Permits 
Permit # Company/Owner Name  Short-Term Rental Address  Permit Expiration Date 


Melissa and James Cardwell

400 E 22nd Avenue, Belton, TX 76513



Bronzewing Enterprises, LLC

1419 Loving Trail, Belton, TX 76513



Barry Ratliff

132 Circle Drive, Belton, TX 76513



Kenneth R. and Renee C. Waters

115 E 7th Avenue, Belton, TX 76513



Maile and Sean Clancy 

1011 N. Beal Street, Belton TX 76513



Maile and Sean Clancy 

210 N. Pearl Street, Belton, TX 76513



Tanner Hicks 

114 E. 10th Ave, Belton, TX 76513



Gilbert and Erica Mendoza

445 N. Wall Street, Belton, TX 76513



Chris Allen 

504 Center Street, Belton TX 76513



Rita Kovar 

2303 Herrington Street, Belton, TX 76513



Thomas Dworakowska

1809 Dancing Oaks Ct., Belton, TX 76513



Karl Harz

907 E. 9th Avenue, Belton, TX 76513



Paul & Christa Strang

131 E. Comay Circle, Belton, TX 76513



Romy & Christina Mortel 

2109 Red Rock Drive, Belton, TX 76513



Jackson Roach 

406 N. Smith Street, Belton, TX 76513



Veronica Avila 

1033 Lindsay Circle, Belton, TX 76513



Chad & Cindy Chase 

919 N. Wall - Unit A, Belton TX 76513