Flagpole at Harris Center Dedicated for Two Brothers

Flagpole at Harris Center Dedicated for Two Brothers
May 21, 2016

IMG_2180aAn outpouring of love and respect was on display Saturday as alumni and friends of Belton High School dedicated a flagpole at the Harris Community Center in honor of Harry and Barry Wilson.

A football injury at the homecoming varsity football game in 1971 left Harry Wilson paralyzed. The flagpole was a recognition of the faith and perseverance that Harry and his twin brother Barry have displayed in the years that have passed since the injury occurred.

When given the opportunity to speak at the ceremony both brothers expressed gratitude for Jesus Christ and for the community that has embraced them over the years.

Former Belton High School Football Coach Joe Brooks said that Harry and Barry Wilson have spent a lifetime supporting each other and lifting other people.
The event was sponsored by the Belton High School varsity football teams from 1967 to 1970, but several current varsity football players also were among the estimated 100 people in attendance.