Public Works Leadership Restructured

Public Works Leadership Restructured
February 03, 2016

The City of Belton Public Works Department has been restructured with responsibilities divided among three current employees, each of whom has received a title change.

Byron Sinclair has been named Director of Public Works, Angellia Points as Director of Internal Services/City Engineer, and Matt Bates as Director of Parks and Recreation. The new assignments are effective immediately.

Mr. Sinclair and Mrs. Points served in dual interim capacities within Public Works since Nov. 23, 2015, following the resignation of the previous Director. Mr. Bates was serving as Director of Recreation and Events. His title change is reflective of the formation of a more traditional Parks and Recreation Department, which has its administrative and operations functions managed in a single office.

“This restructuring of the Public Works Department places outstanding current staff members in positions with the resources to succeed, and supports the high service standards that Belton residents expect and appreciate,” City Manager Sam Listi said.