Belton Fire Engine Struck on I-35

Belton Fire Engine Struck on I-35
October 29, 2019
At about 2:28 a.m. an 18-wheeler struck multiple vehicles, including a Belton fire engine, near the I-14 overpass on southbound I-35. 

The fire engine was on the scene blocking off lanes for an earlier wreck when the 18-wheeler struck the engine, a tow truck and a vehicle it was towing. Three firefighters were in the engine when the crash occurred and suffered what appear to be minor injuries. They were transported to Scott & White Hospital as a precaution.

Southbound I-35 was temporarily closed following the crash, but has since reopened. The fire engine suffered significant damage and was towed from the scene.

In addition, a large piece of debris from this crash landed on northbound I-35 and was struck by a separate 18-wheeler, which caused a small diesel leak on the roadway. A northbound lane was also temporarily closed to allow for cleanup of the spill.

Following the incident, the Temple Fire Department provided backup coverage in Belton.