Partnership Assists Residents with Past-due Utility Bills

Partnership Assists Residents with Past-due Utility Bills
July 07, 2020
The City of Belton and United Way of Central Texas have joined together create a program to assist Belton residents who are adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and behind on utility bill payments.
To be eligible individuals must be a resident of the City of Belton and a Belton Utility Customer. In May, the Belton City Council authorized $10,000 in funding toward the COVID-19 Response & Recovery Fund. It is anticipated that the funding is enough to assist about 50 households.
To apply for the funds, residents must fill out and return a form provided by the United Way of Central Texas, which is screening the applications. In addition to the completed form, applicants must provide additional documentation, such as a photo ID, paycheck stub and current utility bill.
Most applications are reviewed and a funding decision is determined within five business days.