Water Treatment to Change Back to Chloramine Process

Water Treatment to Change Back to Chloramine Process
November 19, 2021

On Monday, Nov. 22, the water provider for the City of Belton will transition from its month long temporary free chlorine disinfectant process back to a chloramine process. While many residents noticed the change to free chlorine, the change back to chloramines may not be noticeable, nevertheless, we wanted to advise residents of this change in water treatment.

It is anticipated that water treated with chloramines would reach most Belton water customers  by Tuesday, Nov. 23.

The temporary change by Bell County Water Control & Improvement District No. 1 was in response to water quality concerns Killeen experienced. Although Belton and Killeen receive water from the same supplier, Belton’s water met quality standards.

As part of routine maintenance, Belton regularly flushes its system and tests water to assure compliance with state standards.

Disinfection helps keep drinking water free of harmful microorganisms. It involves treating the water at the treatment plant and then adding chloramine (chlorine + ammonia) to maintain water quality. During the temporary change, BCWCID1 stopped adding ammonia and used free chlorine to keep water disinfected as it traveled through pipes.

Thank you for the patience many of you have exhibited during this temporary transition.